Another five cases to our active COVID list. They were initially informed to our facility late yesterday afternoon, hence their respective residences were already included in the directive for granular lockdown in yesterday’s issuance.
May we also inform the public who may have a transaction to follow up at the municipal hall with our offices anytime tomorrow until Friday that we are not fully operational since only the employees with negative RT-PCR test results are allowed to resume to work. It is best advised that you communicate with the personnel of your destination office before coming over. This way, you can save your time and resources. You can also limit your possible exposure to the virus as you travel to and from here.
Most of our LGU human resource is still awaiting corresponding swab test results and in the process, a number is being added to our already infected personnel almost everyday since we started to be downed with two. For this, we ask for your understanding and prayers, too. Thank you.
Please remember to stay fit and healthy and to keep safe all the time.