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Social Enhancement for Senior Citizens of Sablan, Benguet.

On December 19, 2022 as agreed upon by the representatives/officers of our municipality’s various Senior Citizen clusters, their year-end socials is being realized today however due to the still prevailing pandemic, enjoinment was unanimously agreed to be limited to a certain number. Obviously, with the enthusiasm of many members to socialize with their peer inside and outside of their cluster or barangay, they exceeded the projected number of attendees which was still welcomed though by our hosting MLGU thru the Office of the MSWD in coordination with the OSCA.
In the course of their program, our Municipal Mayor, Hon. Alfredo B. Dacumos, warmly expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the still energetic Senior Citizens (SCs) of our town who graced the occasion, including those who have not joined this program but are likewise supportive of the government’s program for their cause. Presentations from the different participating SC clusters as well as relevant updates form part of the program with surprise numbers to entertain and inspire the attendees. See attached images below.