Philippine Standard Time:

Public Hearing

A public hearing on six (6) proposed ordinances was held  at the municipal gym. Concerned stakeholders were duly represented as the invitation for the said event was notified earlier by the host office. The discussion lasted until almost 1 PM as the attending stakeholders were positively inquisitive which was deemed to be more advantageous to the objective of the legal instruments being formulated.
Vice Mayor Arthur Baldo led the august members of our Sangguniang Bayan during the said hearing while SB Secretary Santiago M Bartolome served as the moderator.
One of the Ordinances, re: fare matrix of the public utility tricycles in the Municipality of Sablan which was returned by Mun. Mayor Alfredo Dacumos Jr. Abdacumos Junior for the review of the august body, was substantially taken up and settled during this forum which will hence adopt a uniform implementation of charges by all trike associations operating the said services.
-March 20, 2023