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Sabangan-LGU Legislative Officials and Staff visited Sablan-LGU

Sabangan-LGU Legislative Officials and Staff visited Sablan-LGU January 18, 2023 for a prompt bench-marking activity, to quote: “Your reputable municipality is known to us as a legislative champion.”, hence the said visit particularly on the following legislated instruments:
1. Municipal Revenue Code of Sablan, Benguet
2. Market Code of Sablan, Benguet, and;
3. Code of General Ordinances of Sablan, Benguet
The Municipal Vice Mayor of Sabangan in the person of Hon. Rodolfo L. Mencion spearheaded the visiting team. Unfortunately, the said party’s letter reached this LGU on short notice making our equally active local legislators, in spite their enthusiasm, unable to meet them personally and officially due to their respective prior public commitments. Some of our LGU’s personnel: Mr. Laurel Garambas, (PS II); Ms. Connie Tenenan (MT); Engr. Ronald Sofla (MPDC) along with a few more employees, welcomed and briefly conferred with our guests from the neighboring Mtn. Province MLGU with their research having been addressed and which is expected to be fully resolved thru future e-correspondence.
It should be known that these legislative instruments took extended time before their fruition with a brain of not one or two but a team-work of deliberating and assertive minds based on planning, research and consultations.
Besides the earlier stated purpose of visit, physical development seen in the municipal premises were also observed and comparatively evaluated between our LGUs.
How we hope to further strengthen our systems more, encouraging experiential learning visits to our locality on many other more aspects of its operation.