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Sablan-LGU observes World Water Day Philippines Water Week 2023

World Water Day 2023 focuses on accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. In Sablan, one of the priority works assigned to our latest TUPAD workers (just this February) was the cleaning and sanitization along our water sources. Hence on this environmental event, cleaning of our waterways will also be given emphasis with our LGU organizing a cleaning activity along Sabdang riverbanks leading to Towing Falls. It, however, doesn’t mean that we will only take note of this social responsibility here and today but it will instead be a reminder that we ought to observe at all times in our respective localities. Today, our EMS Ares Compala along with SBM Comm. Chair. on ENR, Cornelio Almacen jointly led the participating personnel from our MLGU and natl assigns along with volunteer Barangay residents and some participating high school students.
Remember that our creeks and rivers have upstreams and these upstreams have corresponding tributaries that come from as far as the households, commercial establishments and busy roads or highways. All the solid wastes carelessly and irresponsibly managed if not cleaned uphill will find their way to eventually reach our creeks and rivers once it rains. By the river banks, wastes left by litterbugs visiting our rivers are met by d wastes flown from upstream. There is no telling how generously garbage gather in our rivers by then. Besides the harm these wastes bring to the surviving fauna in our rivers are other numerous health, economic and environmental adverse consequences, too. So please be one conscientious and concerned citizen. We may not necessarily join this activity or anything similar to it but being one responsible fellow who doesn’t violate environmental upkeep in ways is more than helping out during clean-up activities. Our THANKS for you being one!
*Initial pixes were for the orientation of participants, actual clean-up activity followed.