Philippine Standard Time:

Salamat Mabuhay Program for Dilg Ms. Teresa mangangey

LGU-Sablan, led by Mayor Alfredo B. Dacumos, Jr, took time to acknowledge with gratitude the committed services imparted by Ms. Teresa Mangangey, DILG-BeFO LGOO, who has been assigned here in our municipality for almost 2 years. Her brief assignment was but in contrast to the extent of her performance as she was an output-driven worker, rummaging thru the details of every PPA that she was endeavored to push our LGU to just to have them realized.
The brief Salamat-Mabuhay program enabled her to listen to atleast three reviews of how capable she was as our MLGOO and whose future assignment was also wished for to be just as exemplary. She will be reassigned to the capital town of our province, at La Trinidad effective April 1, 2023.
Today was likewise held our LGU’s first quarter employees forum for 2023. Internal and external office processes were conferred with the ultimate target of providing able services to the transacting public. In addition, employees’ efficient use of resources and time with respect to corresponding assignment was also reiterated. The earlier mentioned program for Ms. Mangangey was celebrated first before the attendance proceeded to the regular forum which in turn lasted until 5:00 PM.