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Cleanest and Greenest Barangay

June 29, 2023
Sablan, Benguet
Kudos to all of the winners and participants!
The efforts of all the eight barangays of the municipality paid off in a way as yesterday, Thursday, they were recognized and consequently incentivized for their active participation in most of the indicators of this year’s Cleanest and Greenest Barangay (Search for the Best practices of Environmental Management), a municipal-wide institutionalized event that incorporates observance of all fours of the environment: land, air, water, and forest. Add to that, the Solid Waste Management, health, and beautification interventions. All of which are significantly relevant to and interwoven with environmental preservation, protection, and sustainability.
Barangay Banengbeng once again bested the rest of the barangays. Kamog came in second while Banangan and Pappa were awarded third and fourth respectively. All barangays were awarded monetarily with due respect to their performance. Separate special incentives were also awarded in recognition of the categorical strengths of the duly identified BLGUs.
Our Municipal Mayor, Afredo B. Dacumos Jr. chairs the Event Committee for this purpose. In his remarks, he thanked the BLGU officials and all community members who participated in this undertaking and encouraged them by assuring the enhancement of this event in any way possible that LGU-Sablan could afford not only for the event itself but to present our municipality as an environmentally sound community.
Ms. Cecil D. Wagian, LGOO VI, also presented other advantages of conducting and sustaining programs like this relative to the observance of good local governance on the part of the implementers and the community.
Mr. Ares P. Compala, our EMS II, facilitated the program and this event duly assisted by the members of the Committee.
#sablanbenguet… Da’jat Sablan!