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Fundamentals of Cooperative

Sablan, Benguet
April 27-28, 2023
Fundamentals of Cooperative
Strengthening cooperatives in the municipality sets the tone for a positive economic direction on a larger scale. This morning, one of the activities conducted in our LGU involved our existing and starting cooperatives. This program may appear basic but understanding the fundamentals of cooperativism is akin to establishing a stronger structural foundation.
Day One training was divided into three modules: Fundamentals of Cooperative Thought and Practice; PPP of the Cooperative, and; Legal Underpinnings of Cooperatives. Mr. Aurelio Lapniten facilitated all three training modules.
On the second day was a Training on Policy Formulation which was ably discussed by Ms. Felina D. Mercoles, the Vice Chair. of BPCU. The event was joined by representatives of GESMPC, Sablan Transport Group (SJODA) and Kamog Farmers Coop. and other more cooperative officers locally established.
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