Philippine Standard Time:

PCSA 2023

October 10, 2023
It’s never too late to be thankful to be entrusted with public service works.
The month of September is also the anniversary month of Philippine public service. This year, the government service marks its 123rd. MLGU-Sablan however deemed it more convenient for its workforce to celebrate 10 days after the month due to the seemingly endless demand for their participation in official events of other partner govt. bureaus or agencies outside of their station.
For this year, 13 employees of the LGU were accorded with loyalty in service awards where six of them who have already earmarked 30 years did not only receive a recognition plaque but also with an added token.
Congratulations on the remarkable feat and the LGU’s gratitude for the passionate service through all these years.
Da’jat Sablan