Philippine Standard Time:

SKF President Elections

November 14, 2023
A leap of juridical responsibilities from barangay to municipal-wide as an SK Official was entrusted to the hands of Balluay SK Chair Dondon Gracio when he ran and took hold of the SKF Presidency for the Municipality of Sablan making him thus the newest Ex-Officio Member of the Sangguniang Bayan. SBM Gracio already assumed his office in said capacity on November 16, 2023. SK Chair of Pappa, Allan Camdas, took his seat as the Vice President for this SK Federation.
Ex-Officio SBM/SKF Pres. Dondon Gracio was sworn in by Mayor Alfredo B. Dacumos Jr. on this day following the instructions and guidelines imparted by corresponding authorized officers from DILG, COMELEC, PNP and this MLGU.