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Senior Citizens Socialization

December 19, 2023
Senior Citizens Socialization (municipal-wide)
With 2024 about to end, the senior citizens of our Municipality of Sablan, Benguet took their day out to meet and greet with their SC fellows from the other/ neighboring barangays. In this gathering were also presented musical and cultural performances which shows that not even the acquisition of their second citizenship can diminish the innate talents that they have honed over time. More heartwarming were the smiles they wore and shared not only with their peer but with everyone they came across.
Mayor Alfredo Dacumos Jr. went out of his busy schedule to share some time with them no matter how fleeting.
The OMSWD spearheaded this event with the coordination of OSCA Pres. Florence L. Esperanza along with the SC officers in the different barangays of Sablan.