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I- BPLS One stop SHop

January 4, 2023
Today marks the 3rd day of the ongoing Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) in the Municipality of Sablan, Benguet to ease the facilitation of annual business license applications and/or renewal. While few of our barangays have already connected the issuance of their respective Barangay Clearance into the eBPLS (electronic Business Permit and Licensing System), making iBPLS (“i” for integrated) partially implemented in our LGU, most are still working on their electronic connectivity with the said system. With the experienced connectivity setbacks, the best we can do is to make the process less bureaucratic, cost and time efficient to our patrons, hence the annual BOSS set-up which is currently established in our municipal gym until January 18, 2023 due to the prior scheduled utilization of the facility. BOSS will however continue to be observed in a regular office setting until January 22, 2023.
for renewal of business permits:
for renewal of motorized tricycle operator’s permit: