Philippine Standard Time:


Punong Barangay: Rudy C. Walang

Barangay Council:

  1. Tresino P. Pastor
  2. Marcelino W. Walang
  3. Abraham D. Bullan
  4. John P. Mangosan
  5. Emily P. Agda
  6. Rosalinda M. Victorino
  7. FJoey O. Ganiban

SK Chairman: Marchelle Ann C. Walang

Barangay Treasurer: Irene F. Bugnay

Barangay Secretary: Catherine B. Marcos

Creation of the Barangay

The creation of Barangay Banangan was incorporated in Executive Order No. 61 dated May 17, 1927 issued by then GOVERNOR GENERAL LEONARD WOOD when the municipality of Sablan was recognized as one of the municipalities comprising the Province of Benguet. The Barangay Banangan one of the original six (6) barangays of the municipality which include Poblacion, Bayabas, Banengbeng, Balluay and Pappa. Barangay Banangan bound on the North, Barangay Kamog, and Barangay Banengbeng, on the South is Municipality of Tuba on the on the east is Municipality of La Trinidad and on the west is Barangay Bayabas.

During the American regime the construction of the famous one-way road at sitio Dakes (now  Shekkis)  where a telephone exist was also installed (battery operated) to give signal from the incoming  and outgoing of cars because the road was narrow and caution them to meet in certain wider areas. The cars commonly called sera until the bigger and better cars called Stanley took over.

Banangan is believed to be derived from the ibaloi word ‘baneng” meaning “the place to store”. According to the old folks, Banangan was once a thickly forested area where cloud formation seen permanently covering the place. They believed that rain is being stored. In early days, the areas were forested where you can find the sources of springs. This springs where the abundant water were tap to supply potable water for the different adjoining barangays. The horse tails that was constructed during the Spanish time the Santo Domingo-Naguilian-La Trinidad Road which passes their “ap-aponan”, the resting place of travelers at Poblacion then the old Sablan  to Monglo and  it goes up to Calot then to Banangan up to Yagyagan that connects to Penalyoc, La Trinidad.

Banangan is situated in the Southeast portion of the Municipality of Sablan. Barangay Banangan has the second largest area within the Municipality it has estimated land area of one thousand one hundred eight five (1,185) hectares.

It is six kilometers away from the Barangay Poblacion, Sablan. This barangay is traversed by the Quirino Highway likewise known as the Naguilian road. Following the said road, it is 14 kilometers away from Baguio City or 20 kilometers away from the Provincial Capitol of Benguet.

This barangay consist of sitios Yagyagan, Ampusa, Pasweck, Shelpi, Shafeg, Batag, Keddeng, Oriyao, Ampeta, Ambacuag, Calot, Sucong and Suyoc.

The first settler of Calot and Keddeng were Agsawal Polon, Mang-os, Magastino, Waya Waya, Maria and Apic Tangued, Balacwas that come from Buguias, Tinoc and Kabayan.