Philippine Standard Time:

Punong Barangay: Patrick C. Lete

Barangay Council:

  1. Sonny G. Tad-o
  2. Fermina W. Quinio
  3. Nicolas C. Akiapas
  4. Oliver T. Pa-ay
  5. Maria V. Valles
  6. Rimando D. Wakat
  7. Audie T. Mayomis

SK Chairman: June B. Tabano

Barangay Treasurer: Julie T. Bayacsan

Barangay Secretary: Estrella V. Benedicto

Origin and Early Beginnings. Barangay Kamog was originally a part of the vast land area of Sablan called “Pappa” whose inhabitants are usually of the Ibaloi race. In vernacular, “Pappa” literally means “hitting the head”. During that time, there were unresolved murders which made the people conclude and believed that the name Pappa may have some connection with it.

Kamog composed of 10 Sitios in Ibaloi terms. From the Southern part is PEDAY named after an abundantly growing tree in the area which they believed it possess a curative power; MINAC has a number of springs that were through to account for the humidity of the land; ANGDIL is the same as bamboo that grew rapidly that time; Meanwhile, TENEKEY, which is divided into two sitios namely LOWER and UPPER, in Ibaloi term literally means short mountain apparent in the area; At the Western part , ALOG, the flat surrounded trail; MAMESA which means a watery place; GUJURAN which is distinguished for its clear roads; At the Eastern part are sitio BANAO which was once a pasture land with small hills and verdant plateau; BESHING taken from a bird’s name; and on the Northern part is Sitio TOCGONG which means is a stoney and watery area.

Historically, Barangay Kamog got its name from a tree abundant in the area called “Kemog”. According to the old folks, the tree grew abundantly around the area and straight and brownish in color and with elongated leaves.

Legal Creation. Barangay Kamog was once a sitio of Barangay Pappa, however, because of the growing population, the total land area is considerably large and the clamor of the people for a separate barangay, the officials at the time decided to separate sitio Kamog from the Mother Barangay Pappa, thus the birth of barangay Kamog on July 12,1971.

At present, as the population keeps on increasing, Seventeen (17) sitios & sub-sitios existing and being expanded: Sitio Tenekey divided into two (2) sitios as UPPER TENEKEY and LOWER TENEKEY; BADAWID, CENTRAL, AGSIT and KIDPOL were also added but only 15 sitios were registered specifically: PEDAY, LOWER TENEKEY, UPPER TENEKEY, MINAC, ANGDIL, GUJURAN, ALOG, MAMESA, CENTRAL, BADAWID, BANAO, BESHING, TOCGONG, KIDPOL and AGSIT.

Kamog is located on the eastern portion of the municipality. It is six and 3.40 kilometers away from the Poblacion and the Quirino national Highway respectively. Following the said national road, the barangay is 15.40 kilometers away from Baguio City or 21.40 kilometers away from the Provincial Capitol of Benguet.

It is bounded on the north by Barangay Bagong, south by Barangay Banangan, Barangay Bayabas, east by Barangay Banengbeng and west by Barangay Pappa of this municipality.