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Municipal Accounting Office


  • The Accounting Office shall be responsible for ensuring the validity, reliability and propriety of all LGU transactions.


  • We envision to be competent and dedicated, upholding transparency and accountability in government financial transactions.


  • To provide timely, reliable and accurate financial information to end users adhering to the Government Accounting and Auditing Rules and Regulations and Philippine Public Sector Accounting Standards.



The Municipal Accounting Office warrants the proper accounting of all financial transactions of the Local Government Unit (Municipal and Barangay) and guarantees the observance of generally accepted accounting principles and practices, as well as sound financial management and fiscal administration. All laws and regulations applicable to financial transactions shall be faithfully adhered to and government officials participating in the transactions and operations of their office are duty bound to see that applicable laws and regulations are complied with.

  1. The Municipal Accountant and staff shall take charge of both the accounting of financial transactions of the municipality:
  • Preparation and submission of financial statements to the Municipal Mayor and to the Sangguniang Bayan;
  • Preparation of statements of cash advances, liquidation, salaries, allowances reimbursement and remittances pertaining to the municipality;
  • Preparation of journal vouchers and liquidation of the same and other adjustments related thereto;
  • Post individual ledgers for officials and employees of the municipality pertaining to payrolls and deductions;
  • Production of information concerning past operations and present condition;
  • Provision for a basis for guidance for future operations; and
  • Assistance of the Barangay in their preparation of Financial Statements.
  1.  The Municipal Accountant and staff shall take charge internal audit services of the municipality:
  • Install and maintain an internal audit system in the municipality;
  • Review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers to determine completeness and propriety of requirements; and
  • Provision for the control of the acts of public bodies and offices in the receipt, disposition and utilization of funds/ property.
  1.  Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.