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Municipal Assessor's Office


  • The office of the Municipal Assessor is mandated to discover, list , classify, appraise and assess all real properties, whether taxable or exempt which shall be used as basis for taxation.


  • The office of the Municipal Assessor as partner in tapping the Real property tax as major source of local revenue, willingly paid by well informed and satisfied taxpayers for the development and progress of the Municipality of Sablan


  1. Appraise and assess all real properties for taxation purposes situated within the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Sablan in accordance with the Local Government Code of 1991 and assessment rules and regulations issued by the Department of Finance
  2. Conduct a periodic tax information and education campaign
  3. Provide a couteous and satisfactory service to clients
  4. Install an Electronic Real Property Tax System for better, faster and more effective Government service to the people