Philippine Standard Time:

Municipal Mayor's office


  • The office shall dutifully dispose of its duties and functions duly articulated in Book I of the Local Government Code of the Philippines and on this, shall take charge of the administration of the Local Government Unit in consonance with all laws and orders of the lad for the general welfare of the public and its physical domain.


  • A Local Governance focused on the general welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants, fair, indiscriminating and unrelenting in the face of adversaries and in the enforcement of public laws and orders and persistently leads to maintain a culture of peaceful, orderly and progressive community inclusive of all sectors living therein.


  • Employment of an effective and efficient leadership and public administrations, responsible in the utilization and development of natural, human and fiscal resources responsive to the needs of the locality and its juridical people. The office shall epitomize a citizenry that is abeyant of the laws and orders of the land.